Premier providers of highly qualified and experienced law tutors in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose and San Francisco, California for law students stuyding for the LSAT, JD, LLM and PhD law courses. We also provide expert law tutors and instructors for those planning to ace the California Bar Exam. 

Our tutors understand the complexity and the stress associated with the depth of the CA Bar exam. We have adapted a proven system which allows you to understand the dynamics of passing the California Bar Exam and tutor to each student individually. We meet one-on-one as much as you feel comfortable during Covid-19.

A subjective detailed Study Schedule – including journaling, memorizing, breaks and workouts!
Free initial consult and grading, to show you where you stand before we start and where you need to be to pass.

Providing substance and organization on every subject covered on the California Bar. 
MBE Workshops - discussing practice questions and learning MBE strategies.
Unlimited Essays and Practice Exams graded with one-on-one feedback.
Constant Access to Your Instructor - Call, email or text your instructor.

Our Tutors have Worked with:
1. LLM and International students,
2. Repeat takers,
3. Attorneys from out of state law schools,
4. Disbarred Attorneys
5. Foreign-educated attorneys
6. Students with disabilities

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